Universal Unit Converter

Universal Unit Converter is the unit conversion tool you always wanted.  Its productivity features save you time over other tools and conversion websites.  Since time is money, this handy desktop app will pay itself off in no time.  Convert any unit or set of units into any other compatible unit or set of units.

  •  Small and unobtrusive on your desktop
  •  Line format (can hide the app in title bars of other apps)
  •  Wide mode (allows full precision values to be displayed without shrinking the font size)
  •  Shrink the app further by hiding units (relies on favourites to change conversions)
  •  Scale app from 50% to 500% of normal size
  •  Option to stay on top of other apps
  •  Option to keep entry values between sessions
  •  Option of full precision or scientific precision (based on accuracy of the initial value)
  •  Favourites list
  •  Unit selection assistance
  •  Dimensional assistance (indicates the dimensions used for the source units, target units and units missing from the target)
  •  One click copies the converted value to the clipboard
  •  Swap conversion direction with a click
  •  Add custom units
  •  Built in calculator
  •  Calculate in line
  •  Comprehensive help available within the app

You can purchase it through the Microsoft Store: Universal Unit Converter