Performer performs a series of activities as if it were a user.  It moves the mouse cursor, clicks, types, receives visual feedback from the screen, and responds to that feedback - all according to the macros you tell it to perform.

  •  A simple yet powerful macro language
        •  Mouse movement and clicks
        •  Typing and key combinations
        •  Image collection, searching, and recognition
        •  Timing and reporting of activities
        •  Logic functions

  •  Assistance with setting up macros
  •  Simple image collection
  •  Graphically select areas of the screen
  •  Graphically select relative distances
  •  Ability to specify the allowed level of inaccuracy when matching images

Get started today by downloading Performer from: Performer Download

(You will need to request a license triggered from within Performer, using your email application. A license number will be returned to the same email address)